We remember a time when the neighborhood bicycle shop was a place of dreams. Enticed by the sparkle of brightly painted models, shiny tires, the glint of sun on the polished chrome was a scintillating mix of adventure, the promise of wind-in-the-face, and unlimited horizons. It was the place we most wanted to be when school was out. We longed for the moment when we would be old enough to get a job behind the counter working on bikes and making them better, faster, sleeker.

Voltaire Cycles Denville NJ is our answer to the loss of those once hallowed places where people came to share their adventures and marvel at new rides. It’s a place where young and old come to enjoy the common bond that has united people for over a century.

Voltaire Cycles Denville NJ specializes in the designs and innovations that have come and passed. That is why we represent some of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world. We see the connection between old and new and somewhere in between, is a ride for you. Give us a chance to be that place again.



The Essential Maintenance Service for Conventional Bicycles- $78
Voltaire Cycles’ Essential Tune is everyone’s favorite all-around, year-round tune-up for your bike. The Essential Maintenance includes brake service, shifter service, chain service, handlebar, seat posts, cranks, and wheel service, and provides light frame and wheel cleaning, headset, bottom bracket and hub bearing adjustments.

Young Roadster Tune - $45
For any single speed or children’s bike. The Young Roadster Tune includes: brake system lube and adjustment, light chain cleaning and lube, shifting tuneup, handle bar and headset check and torque spec, axel nut checks, linear wheel alignment, and bolt check on all accessories.

The Performance Tune - $149
For performance bikes which demand ultra-precision on high-end components and frames. This is the preferred tune-up plan for performance riders of road, touring, MTB, and certain hybrid bikes.

The E-Bike Essential Tune - $99
For most types of E-Bikes, this is tune up includes most of the Essential Tune components but also checks and secures all electronic connections, battery mounting hardware, with close inspection of wear on drive train components such as chain, rear derailleur, dropouts, spokes, bottom bracket and crank arms. For added testing on battery capacity, age, and cell condition, ask for the full “E-Bike Battery Report” – for additional $45.00

Annual Comprehensive Service for Recumbent Trikes and Bikes - $125.00
The Comprehensive Service plan for Recumbents includes everything that the Classic Tune for conventional bikes affords but adds service to steering column, headset inspection and lube, wheel tracking and alignment, brake calibration, chain clean and lube, and detailed inspection of all fasteners.

Additional Services
We repair almost every cycle brand, and style including recumbent, trikes, MTBs, specialty cycles, e-scooters,, vintage, road, and much more. Please contact us for more information on custom services.



Component Installations
Child Seat - $55
Rear/Front Rack or Fender (each) - $24
Tape/Wrap Handlebar - $25
Cycle Computer (most brands) $20-$34*
Mirror, Pedals, Kickstand Install - $12
Accessories (lights, locks, pumps etc.) - $15

Maintenance Packages
Basic Wash, Polish - $25.00**
Detail Frame and Wheel Cleaning - $40

Basic Services
Tube Change – conventional bike - $16.55
Tube Change – e-bike rear wheel - $30.00
Disc Brake Service 1 - $45
Disc Brake Service 2 - $85
Suspension Service  - $25-$125
Rear shock Service - $45
Assembly (for Boxed Bikes) Services - $80
Assembly (for E-Bikes) Services - $90
Additional Services - $75/Hour

Electric Systems
E-system problem diagnosis - $65
E-Bike Battery Diagnosis Report - $45
Install E-System on any Bicycle - $200*
Install E-System on Trike - $280*
Install E-System on Tandem - $450*
E-system problem diagnosis - $65
Install Cycle Computer - $40
Install Hub Dynamo Motor and Lights - $90
Electric Hub Motor Wheel Build - $95 (per wheel)

Wheel Services
Spot Wheel True (lateral only) - $40
Precision Wheel True (per wheel) - $50
Complete Custom Wheel Building $95 (per wheel)

*Approximate cost. Does not include components, mounting hardware, or parts.
**Price is estimate.  Bike age, corrosion, mud may add extra fees to the service.

Our BEST PRICE guarantee means that we will match any advertised price by legitimate and authorized dealers and resellers. Our goal isn’t to be the cheapest bicycle shop in the land but instead, the most valued shop in the neighborhood. If you value our hard work, our service, our concern for your safety, we will have achieved our goal, and hopefully make lifelong friends.

Call us: (862) 260-8310 or visit: 21 Broadway, Denville, NJ 07834 |